Super fun physical challenges
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When you get together with friends or are having a party, it makes sense to come up with some interesting and fun physical challenges. This will help you have fun and get a lot of excitement out of it.

Malaysian dancing

This game requires a bar, which will be the main prop. This, and many other fun sports contests will appeal to those who are agile and mobile. During the contest the bar should be set very low so that each participant who wants to pass under the bar bends backwards but does not help himself by leaning on the ground while passing. When everyone has passed under the bar, it should be lowered even further and then lowered some more. The game is especially fun for those who have already had a few drinks.

Water wrestling

This game and other power, fun sports competitions should be held only on the water, otherwise no injuries can be avoided. All participants are divided into pairs and the task of each participant is to turn their opponent over by holding his/her torso or arms so that he/she comes off the bottom. The winner is the contestant who turns their opponent over at least three times in five rounds.

Who’s the best diver?

This is a game that will appeal to fans of diving. Choose a shallow pool of water where plates of different colours are placed so that they are clearly visible in the water. Each team member has to dive in and collect the plates, the more the better.

Rope pulling

For this competition you need a rope with a mark on it. At an equal distance from the marker two lines are drawn on the ground – these will be our dividing lines. The contestants divide into two teams and, at the presenter’s sign, start pulling the rope in their direction. The team that pulls their opponent over the dividing line wins the competition. Strange as it may seem, this simple and long-established contest has never failed anyone before, in fact: it is often used in group team building activities.

Long jump

Two teams compete by doing a long jump – the first participant stops at his result, the second one jumps further from this place and so on for the whole team. The overall team jump of greater length will be the winning jump.

In the midst of the festivities, game competitions that are simple and fun can add to the festivities. Movement contests are designed to show dexterity and reactions of participants. Such games are often used at a wide variety of events, as they give people an extra boost of energy.